Pack Saddle Info Teton Standard Teton Small
Fits Animal 800-1200 lbs 500-800 lbs
Cottonwood Tree 21" 18"
Half Breed 26" x 41" 23" x 41"
Breast Collar 36" 30"
Breeching 40" 34"
Cinch 28" Mohair Blend 18" - 28" available if you specify
Distance Between Arches 12" 10"
  • Outstanding value for a quality all leather horse pack saddle.
  • Teton Decker Small available for burros, small mules, small horses and ponies - appropriate size of pack animal for a Teton Small horse pack saddle is 500-800 lbs.
  • Quality leather.
  • Cottonwood tree.
  • Breast collar, double harness leather, stitched and 3/8" thick for extra strength on all horse pack saddles.
  • Lined breeching, 3" wide and stitched for extra strength.
  • Hip pad is 11 1/2" wide and stitched.
  • Leather straps are 1" wide - not 3/4" as in many other deckers.
  • Leather tree straps are 1 1/4" wide and stitched for extra strength.
  • Half-breed has #4 duck canvas and 1" felt filler.
  • Cotton cinch included.
  • Nickel plated hardware.
  • New square style rings/arches for all Teton horse pack saddles.

DOUBLE CINCH  $75. Call to order.

Don't forget to purchase a pack pad if you don't have one. A pack pad is bigger than a riding saddle pad, you need the larger pad for the pack saddle to protect your pack animal. We offer two different pack pads, the felt pad or the Kodel fleece pad (as seen on all my horses).