If you are planning to have only a 2 or 3 day ride or pack trip during nice weather you might want to consider not taking a tent. Bedrolls can provide protection from the elements and precludes you from packing a tent.

Some of my more hardy customers do not use a tent at all during hunting season or inclement weather. These customers use a relite tarp and use bedrolls. Saves allot of weight and tent set up time.

Personally, I prefer a canvas tent to protect me from the elements. But the bedroll only is a good option for the 2-3 day pack trip.

Having said that, in my younger days I would not take a tent or a bedroll during short pack trips. Just a poncho to keep the rain off me if I did experience bad weather. Age does have some benefits in developing common sense.

Packing Lists

If you are just beginning packing or an experienced packer it is very important to have a packing list.

I have different packing lists for when I hunt from a trailhead, pack in for 4-5 days or when I am in the back country for 2-3 weeks.

With computers it is very easy to make different packing lists and then modify these lists based on your experiences when you have different packing trips.

One very experienced packer and hunter I know forgot to pack his ammo and only determined his problem after he had packed in and began preparing for the hunt the next day.

A very bad experience that ruined the first day of hunting. You can be assured my friend learned his lesson and now uses a packing list.


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