Rich, I have purchased a lot of pack gear from Pack Saddle Shop the last 15 years.  Quality continues to impress me. James

It was very easy and nice to buy all my pack pack gear, canvas tent and pack stove from one supplier in preparation for my pack in elk hunt.  The number of tents and stoves you offer on Wall Tent Shop is very impressive. I selected your Wilderness tent and it is top quality. Pack gear is so high quality also.  I expect to have many years of use out of my pack gear, especially the Pro Decker. Jed

Rich your packing tips are phenomenal.  I learned so much and I am not a beginner. Greg

I have purchased many items from Pack Saddle Shop over the years.  You have the best pack gear I have ever seen.  I want to order another pro decker and pro pad. Mick  

Rich, it is nice to buy packing gear from someone that actually packs and knows so much about packing and pack gear.  I talked to some other pack saddle companies and it became very obvious the people I talked to had limited or no no packing experience. Thanks for all your help.  Patrick

Rich, received my pro decker pack saddles today.  They looks great and it fits great.  Thanks for doing doing such an absolutely outstanding job.  Can’t wait to get some dirt on it. Gary

Rich, thank you so much for the quality scabbard.  It fits perfectly and the workmanship is absolutely flawless.  I will be the envy of my hunting group.  And thank you for your outstanding service. Lonnie

Cured and baked on my stove paint, for my stove outside the tent like you recommended.  If I hadn’t followed your advice I would have had the smell of burning stove paint in my tent  and on my clothes. Not good for hunting. Thanks for your help. Chris