Horse camping gear. Click pack saddles, pack panniers, saddle panniers and horse packing equipment for specific products in those categories.

Categories were made to allow the customer to find specific types of products faster and easier.

Horse camping gear listed below is primarily for kitchen use.  This gear makes life a lot easier and enjoyable at campsites.

The aluminum bear proof kitchen panniers are designed for easy packing. Panniers contour to your horse and you have a ready made kitchen storage area at camp. Panniers are bear proof for individuals that want to take an extra precaution against bears.  Be advised, certain wilderness and park areas require bear proof panniers for all food horse camping supplies.  

The stove food box is designed more for trailhead use but can be mantied and packed in.

Horse camping supplies can be stored in each of the items below.  If you think you might have bear issues, do not store these panniers near your tent.   Most of the items listed below have proven to be bear proof but bears don't know that.  Bears will try to open anything with a food odor.  

If you can't find the horse camping gear you want, call or email us.