Mountaineer Camp Kitchens: These Kitchens are made from high-grade aircraft aluminum material. They are lightweight and extremely durable. They are designed for tailgate campers, hunters, and anyone enjoying the outdoors that needs to protect their food from animals.
They are IGBC bear resistant (Intermountain Grizzly Bear Committee approved) and critter proof. The mountaineer kitchen panniers also set up into a portable table with your cooking gear and food on the side. 

IGBC certified Kitchen pannier set that will set up as a table IGBC #5179

The box size is 25" length(27" OD), height is 19" , when legs are in it stands at 31". The box is 13" deep.

Weight 26.5 lbs each.

Each Pannier includes 1 leaf and 4 legs.

Sold as a set.