Saddle Scabbards from $70.00.

Leather and Cordura saddle scabbards for carbine, bolt action and semi automatic rifles.

Rifle scabbards available for scopes, with or without flaps.

Left hand rifle scabbard available only in PRO and Premium models. 

PRO leather saddle scabbard custom made by hand. .

Barrels over 24" in length requires a long rifle scabbard. Order long if the long option is available.

When ordering specify right or left hand bolt action if left hand action is available. 

Saddle scabbard can be made to fit rifle with 50-60mm scopes.

Inform us if you have high or raised scope mounts or tall scope elevation/windage knobs so we can make necessary adjustments.


Provide height of adjustment knob and height of raised scope mounts.

Provide total width of windage knobs included the scope. On elevation knob, measure from top of knob, straight down to bottom of trigger housing.

RECOMMENDATION: If you ever think you might purchase a rifle with a 26" barrel order the long model scabbard now so you won't have to buy a long at a later date.


Ensure you provide all relevant information on your rifle. The scabbard will be made to the specifications you provide. If you provide inaccurate or incomplete information and the scabbard does not fit your rifle, you cannot return or exchange it. A custom scabbard will not fit other rifles properly.

BIPODS -  No saddle scabbards are available.


I recommend you call us if to insure you receive the correct saddle scabbard for your rifle.