Decker pack saddles for sale, all leather, from $425 to $850.  Quality decker pack saddles are offered, Bighorn, Teton and Ray Holes.


One of these decker pack saddles will meet your packing requirements whether you are a professional outfitter or an occasional packer.


I prefer deckers that have rolled and lined breast collar, breeching and hip pad.  The softer leather protects the horse better.  Rolling the leather precludes rough leather edges that can chafe the horse.


I prefer deckers over sawbucks.  Decker advantages over a sawbuck.


1. Much stronger and more durable. The decker has metal arches that connect the tree.  Sawbuck has wood crutches connecting the tree.  If you ever have the misfortune of rolling a horse the sawbuck crutches become kindling and you will have a useless pack saddle.  I rolled a horse down a mountainside using a decker in 1984. Very fortunate, the horse was not injured.  Decker was not damaged in any way.  Got the horse up, rearranged the pack and off we went.  Great horse.


2. Deckers have a half breed.  Half breed is a canvas cover with a foam pad inside. Half breed protects the animal from the pack load. At bottom of half breed there is a wood slat on each side.  These wood slats provide significant protection especially with heavy loads.


3.  Metal arches connecting the tree.  Metal arches are about 8-10" lower than the wood crutches on a sawbuck making it much easier to secure pannier straps.  I use pannier hooks that are attached to my panniers that make loading quick and easy.


 The Ray Holes pack saddle is the most exceptional pack saddle I've ever seen or used. Solid brass fittings, hermann oak leather grade 1, rolled and lined breast collar, rolled and lined hip pad and rolled and line breeching. Leather straps are 1/4" thick.  Very strong cottonwood tree.  Arches secured with 6 bolts per side. Half breed is made from tough 32 oz canvas. Ray Holes is fairly priced for its top, top quality. This decker will last you a lifetime with proper maintenance.  Rich 


The Bighorn Decker is also a quality pack saddle made of standard grade Hermann Oak leather. 


The Teton Decker is a good basic pack saddle that will meet all of your packing requirements. However, it is not close in quality to the other decker pack saddles for sale.


All deckers are complete pack saddles.  Decker includes tree, breast collar with straps, half breed, breeching, hip pad with spider straps, quarter straps and latigo.  


Feel free to call if you have any questions on decker pack saddles.