Horse panniers listed below are designed to be used with only pack saddles.


If you prefer the traditional look the canvas horse panniers are available.


The canvas panniers with the vinyl lining is very water resistant.  Additionally, if used for packing out meat these panniers are much easier to clean.


I recommend the leather end canvas panniers if you only want canvas horse panniers and your pack trails are narrow.  On narrow trails your pannierS rub against trees and rocks.  Panniers are expensive and the leather ends will make your panniers last much longer. 


The iron cloth panniers are by far the most durable and long lasting horse panniers available especially if used in rough country.  As mentioned earlier, canvas panniers rubbing against rocks and trees will easily fray and tear the canvas.


The iron cloth Utah panniers are the best panniers for packing out elk quarters.  Just put an elk quarter in each bag and tie the legs together over the pack saddle. Tying the legs together prevents the legs flopping around to the outside. Iron cloth panniers also work well for packing in sacks of horse pellets or grain.


If using a riding saddle to pack I do not recommend the pack panniers listed below.  Saddle panniers are designed for use with a riding saddle.


To view all types of horse panniers available click pack saddle panniers.