Horse packing equipment and pack gear for all your packing needs. Pack gear includes pack saddles, pack panniers, saddle panniers, saddle scabbards, leather saddle bags, tent stoves, wall tents, tack, trail saws, scales and various horse packing equipment and pack gear items.


On the top menu bar I have additional separate categories for horse and mule packing equipment that will make your search easier for what you need. Ten pack saddles and 30 pack panniers are available for any use and budget.


Horse packing supplies vary tremendously in price.  Top quality can be very expensive and you pay for what you get. However, horse packing supplies for the infrequent packer does not have to be the very best, unless that is your personal choice.


I often see hunters, packers and outdoorsmen using very old horse packing equipment.  When using very old horse pack gear that is basically not safe you are just waiting for an accident to happen.  You don't need yourself, friends or your pack animals needlessly injured in the backcountry where medical assistance is not readily available.


Inspect your pack gear before and after your pack trips to identify any issues. Budget accordingly and buy whatever packing gear your budget will allow to avoid accidents and injuries.  


The most common problem on a pack saddle is where a leather strap bends around a buckle or a Dee ring. Inspect these bends carefully especially on the inside of the bend.  The leather will crack at these bends quickly if you don't oil your pack saddle leather yearly.   


I strongly recommend you use a pack scale to balance your load on each side of the pack animal.  If your pack is not balanced your load and pack saddle will eventually fall to one side and possibly cause a wreck.  A good pack horse will struggle with an unbalanced load and try to work through it.  Some untrained pack animals will start bucking once the pack saddle becomes off center.  Not a good situation on steep mountain trails.


I also recommend you always have some type of pack saw with you when packing in the backcountry to clear a trail if necessary.  The Forest Service does not have adequate funds to clear all horse trails.  Usually, the first person on a horse trail when the winter snow melts is an outdoorsman or a packer.  That first person on the trail will have the honor of clearing it. Sometimes, you can easily go around the downed tree and other times it will take a pack saw to clear the trail.


If the horse packing equipment you want is not listed, contact us, and we will find it for you.


If you are just starting packing and if you have any questions on horse packing equipment or pack gear quality, contact us by email or phone. I will be glad to answer any questions you have.  Rich