Horse packing gear price varies tremendously. The price differences is usually for higher quality. If you do not pack often the mid price pack gear is probably okay. 


We offer 8 different pack saddles and 30 horse panniers


Basic Horse Packing Gear Required.


Pack saddle. Most important decision for your horse packing equipment. You must decide if you prefer Decker pack saddles or Sawbuck pack saddles. Depends a lot on personal preference and which horse packer you talk to.


I prefer decker pack saddles made from leather over synthetic materials.  


You want to make sure you buy a quality pack pad that has a minimum 1 inch felt filler with a heavy canvas. A horse saddle pad will not work as a riding pad is normally too small and does not have sufficient padding.


Panniers or Manties.  Pack panniers are highly recommended for beginners. Manties require an experienced packer to load properly and safely. You have a choice of horse panniers made from canvas, iron cloth or cordura. Traditionalist like the look of canvas. The most durable pack pannier material is iron cloth. Cordura is the most economical pannier. If you require more durable canvas panniers leather end canvas panniers are available.


A strong lead rope with a break away string.


Quality halter that will not cause abrasions with heavy use.


Strong high line rope.


Scales with tab to weigh panniers at the trail head. Remember to take the scale with you during your pack trip to weigh panniers before your trip back as the panniers' weight will have changed.


Pannier hooks - If you have a decker pack saddle. Makes loading and unloading much easier and faster.


Top Pack or H Pack - Top pack and H pack not recommended for beginners as there is a higher probability of a wreck as weight can easily shift if not secured properly.


Lash cinch to secure top or H pack.  If you do horse pack with a top pack a lash cinch will significantly reduce the possibility of top pack sliding to one side and causing a wreck.


Hobbles and feed bags.


Trail saw to cut small trees off the trail. Pack saw is definitely needed and recommended.


Sharp knife easily accessible to quickly cut ropes and straps in case of a wreck. Pack horses can injure themselves quickly and you must react even quicker to cut straps and ropes to prevent serious injuries to your pack animals.


Horse camping gear checklist that is very detailed. Update and review your checklist after every pack trip. If you have a detailed checklist, email me and I will put your checklist on the website. 


Call us at 800 234 1150 if you have questions on the horse packing gear we offer.  We will be glad to answer your questions,