Pack Saddle Panniers and pack panniers from $185.00. Panniers in 25 models and sizes. Panniers available in canvas, cordura, and nylon. Pack panniers designed  for every use and budget.


All pack panniers below normal retail. All pack saddle panniers will fit either a Decker or Sawbuck pack saddle. 


Purchasing and comparing the many types of pack panniers and pannier material can be very confusing. I encourage you to read my pack panniers purchasing guide which will be helpful to you in deciding which panniers are best for you. 


Pack Panniers: The Pro canvas panniers have the traditional canvas look and are high quality. The Iron Cloth panniers are very durable and excellent for use on narrow trails when panniers hit rocks and trees. The Vinyl  panniers are recommended when large panniers are required.  These panniers will hold two 24 gallon action packer rubbermaid containers with locking lids which are much cheaper than pannier inserts. 


Saddle Panniers: Pro saddle panniers are the best quality and value and are significantly larger than most saddle panniers on the market today. Insure whatever brand you purchase they can be rolled up and tied behind your saddle cantle.


Donkey/Burro panniers: Available in three models. 


Meat Panniers: Utah panniers are recommended for packing in alfalfa cube bags and packing out meat. Canvas panniers and iron cloth panniers available.


Bear Proof Panniers: For the weight and size, my US Forest Service certified poly bear proof pack saddle panniers are recommended. 




I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU CALL OR EMAIL ME If you are just starting packing and if you have any questions on pack equipment or quality. I will be glad to answer any questions you have. I also suggest you read my packing tips. 




I just wanted to say thanks for the quick shipment of the Pro saddle panniers. I am very happy with the quality of the panniers. Thanks again for the great service. Jason. 


About 5 weeks ago, I bought from you Pro Canvas Panniers, Half breed, Pro Decker and pad. I just wanted to let you know what a great trip I had in the mountains of Montana. All the pack gear performed so well. I look forward to many years of good use. I will send along other clients for you if I can. Jim


 Donkey panniers are exceptional quality and are a very good fit for my donkey. Happy I chose your company to buy from. Best wishes. Carol. 


Received the H Pack today. Thanks for being such good business people. I will use you all in the future. Ted


Pro Canvas Pack panniers are very high quality. The canvas in is these pack saddle panniers are the best quality and the buckles are very durable. Jones