• Each saw is cut from Swedish band saw steel which is renowned for its ability to hold an edge.
  • Should your saw become dull any reputable saw sharpener can easily restore the edge to is original state.
  • This steel also has “memory” meaning you can bend the steel and it will return to its natural state. This is true no matter how long it has been bent. This feature makes it very handy for packing.
  • Each saw comes in a water repellant scabbard. 
  • 12-28" saws work great for quartering elk and clearing trails.
  • 36" saw can be bent in a half circle and safely packed on a pack horse or backpack. 
  • Scabbard loop allows for easy attachment to saddle, pack saddle with string.

Mini Dandy: 2" x 12" Blade - 0.8 lb
Half Dandy: 2" x 18" Blade - 1.0 lb

Pack Dandy: 2" x 28" Blade - 1.4 lb
Dandy: 2" x 36" Blade (2 handles) - 2.0 lb