Montana Pack Rat designed to carry heavy or odd shaped loads on horses or mules. However, the Montana Pack Rat and Half Rat is small enough to fit on donkeys, burros and ponies.

  • Lightweight: 7 1/2 pounds each side.
  • Shelf is 19" L x 12" W. Support bracket that attaches to the decker arches is only 9" high and 19" long.
  • Makes packing easy for a cooler, plastic boxes, hay bales, pellet bags, salt blocks, poles, water containers, fire wood, rubbermaid containers, 5 gal propane cylinders and game.
  • Folds up when not in use.
  • Makes into a camp chair when not in use - legs are included - all that is needed is a horse pad to throw over frame.
  • Half Rat model has no chair legs and shelf is 17" L x 12" W.
  • Set of 2.